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July 20, 2013
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PKMN-Crossing: Pika-Pi by Volmise PKMN-Crossing: Pika-Pi by Volmise
Due to %PKMN-Crossing getting a much needed group revamp, all of the members are required to take their old applications and update them to match our new system. So that's what this is!

:bulletyellow:NAME: Pika-Pi
:bulletblue:SPECIES: #025 Pikachu
:bulletyellow:GENDER: Female
:bulletblue:BIRTHDAY: August 20th
:bulletyellow:ZODIAC: Leo ♌
:bulletblue:AGE: 22
:bulletyellow:NATURE: Hasty
:bulletblue:CHARACTERISTIC: Impetuous and silly.
:bulletyellow:CATCHPHRASE: “Chu-Pi!”
:bulletblue:JOB: Dyemaker, Fabric Worker
:bulletyellow:HOME TOWN: Eterna City
Life in Eterna City was pleasant and peaceful for all Pokémon and Trainers living there - Pika-Pi included. She was born to a pair of wild Raichu who chose to nest off near the edge of town, almost at the start of Eterna's Forest. The cover from the foliage, as well as the small ponds and streams in the area made for a lovely place for a small family group of Pokémon to live. The two Raichu never had any eggs past Pika-Pi, which led to her being an only child. This was perfect for her parents though, since her father, even though he was loving and cared for her the best he could, was rather unorganized and didn't exactly know how to raise a young Pokémon, and her mother really wanted nothing to do with settling down and tending to a family. This lead to Pika-Pi being closer to her father, since her mother was almost never around to guide her.

Her life was rather uneventful under the care of her father, and once she reached the equivalent of 16 years old for a human, she decided to go off and see the world, hoping for something a little more stimulating (After permission from her dad of course!) At first she would sneak around Eterna City, dodging cars and Humans, and generally caring for herself the best she could. One of her favorite activities while staying in the city was sitting on the window sill of the local elementary school. Here, listening to the teachers and watching the various classes, the small Pokémon learned how to read, and eventually learned how to write. Not very well of course, being she only learned basic elementary level stuff, but that was better than most other Pokémon could claim.

Growing bored of the city, Pika-Pi expanded her travels to the world itself, slowly making her way across the regions of Sinnoh, Johto and Unova. She never really had all that much trouble traveling around, since being a wild Pokémon meant she knew how to survive easily enough. So nothing too terribly bad happened to her, save for a few cuts or scratches from tripping or falling into bushes. A rather lucky break for the small Pokémon, as most of her adventures led her through dangerous woodlands and other settings, filled with many Pokémon who could hurt or do much worse to her.

After being out and about the small Pokémon quickly became fascinated by the colors and pretty smells nature had to offer, which quickly led to her interest in making dyes for her own ribbons. Berries and flowers proved to be the most effective to dye with, making wonderful smelling liquid she could "hot-dye" material in. However Pika-Pi has also discovered that charcoal, seashells and other various objects such as bones, bark and mushrooms could be used as well. The longer and longer she stayed in the practice and kept at it, the better she'd get and the more colors she discovered were able to be made.

During her time exploring, Pika-Pi met a rather large and grumpy one-eyed Zangoose which she quickly claimed as the mother figure she never had. This Zangoose went over a bit of a transformation when Pika-Pi entered her life, instead of being cold and distant to everyone, she took Pika-Pi under her wing as it were and vowed to never let her get hurt. Something she might do too much however, as it does lead to Pika-Pi being a bit sheltered. Both Pokémon remained friends for years, even today living together and giving the other friendship and companionship.

:star:Extras & Extended Info:
:bulletblue:HOBBY: Collecting flowers, berries, and herbs to turn into dyes.
:bulletyellow:FAVORITE FOODS: Apples, Walnuts, Fish
:bulletblue:FAVORITE BERRIES: Pecha Berry, Watmel Berry, Shuca Berry
:bulletyellow:ACCESSORIES: Glasses, various ribbons and bows, an herb bag

:star:After moving to Pokétte:
Pika-Pi and her Zangoose friend moved in to Pokétte during September 2011. Where they then started up their own business in their home, both of them working together to provide product to the townies who need or want it.

Pika-Pi, using her knowledge of berries, herbs, plants and other items makes pots of dye for ribbons, accessories, and even clothing. Some of the excess gets bottled to be sold to residents of the town who wish to do their own dyeing. While the Zangoose works diligently on creating said ribbons and accessories.

As Pika-Pi's time in Pokétte flows by, she has made a slew of new friends, each and every one unique and special to her. She's even found herself a loving boyfriend.

A new little friend has come into Pika-Pi's life! An egg she mistakenly picked up during the Easter festivities turned out to be real. With a little convincing from Zinnia, the egg became Pika-Pi's responsibility, and over time it hatched into a very adorable little Sewaddle which became her pet. She has since named it Taffeta.

:star:Other Info:
Being of Hasty nature means Pika-Pi gets in trouble a lot. Be it through lack of thinking about her words, to making quick choices.

She seems to have a fear of deep water, always preferring to stay as far away from it as she can. This is because of her size, and being unable to touch the bottom with her feet makes her extremely nervous.

Very clumsy in battle, despite her quickness and move selection.

Pika-Pi collects toys that she finds cute or fun. Usually this equates to plushies, tops, balls, puppets, and other such things.

Even with how naive she is, Pika-Pi does know her way around, and is actually very intelligent. She's more of a 'think outside the box' type Pokémon, evidenced by her choice of performances for the Contest Halls she has participated in.

:star:Battle and Contest info:
:bulletblue:ABILITY: Static - The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with PARALYZE when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon.

:iconelectrictypeplz: Discharge: A flare of electricity is loosed to strike the area around the user. It may also cause paralysis.
:iconelectrictypeplz: Thunder Wave: A weak electric charge is launched at the target. It causes paralysis if it hits.
:icongrasstypeplz: Grass Knot: The user snares the target with grass and trips it. The heavier the target, the greater the damage.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Quick Attack The user lunges at the target at a speed that makes it almost invisible. It is sure to strike first.

:star:Items, Heart Chart, etc:
PKMN-Crossing: Special Items by Volmise PKMN-Crossing: Furniture by Volmise .:PKMN Crossing: Heart Chart:. by Volmise .:PKMN-Crossing: Taffeta:. by Volmise

*Cyanide-Tea - %PKMN-Crossing
~PockiRabbit - Leo Icon
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