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November 30, 2011
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.:PKMN-Crossing NPC: Saiya:. by Volmise .:PKMN-Crossing NPC: Saiya:. by Volmise
An NPC Character of mine for use in :iconpkmn-crossing:.

:bulletblue: Name: Saiya
:bulletwhite: Nickname: Sparkle Woman
:bulletblue: Age: 24
:bulletwhite: Birthday: September 21
:bulletblue: Gender: Female
:bulletwhite: Nature: Mild
:bulletblue: Pokémon: Gardevoir
:bulletwhite: Hometown: White Forest
:bulletblue: History:
Saiya has lived a rather peaceful and uneventful life. She grew up in the woodland town known to most as White Forest under the care of her parents, a Gengar named Polt, and a Gardevoir named Meloa. From the moment of her birth it was obvious Saiya would be a little different, but the most obvious clue was the odd blue coloring her cap donned as a Ralts, and the pinkish tone her dress shined with. Both of her parents did their best to raise Saiya into a bright and cheerful Pokémon, and many would say they succeeded.

From an early age, Saiya took an interest in gathering knowledge, having to know about everything and anything there was. This lead to her collecting scrap pieces of paper, and teaching herself out to read, much like Pika-Pi did by watching schoolchildren of her area. As time went on, and two Evolutions came and went, Saiya grew up into what could be considered a very bright, and well-read Pokémon.

As she aged and learned more, Saiya wanted to pass the gift of knowledge to the other Pokémon of the world. With her vast collection of books, scrolls, clippings and tombs, the blue Gardevoir took residence in an abandoned building on the edge of her hometown, and slowly but surely began transforming it into what would be known as the Pokémon Library.

:bulletwhite: Hobby: Collecting books, scrolls, newspapers, anything with written word for her library back home.
:bulletblue: Job: Head Librarian at the Pokémon Library in White Forest
:bulletwhite: Job Location: Town
:bulletblue: Favorite Foods: Sweet Honey, Fresh Water, Ice Cream
:bulletwhite: Favorite Berries: Watmel Berry, Leppa Berry, Tanga Berry
:bulletblue: Catchphrase: Gardy
:bulletwhite: Accessories: Glasses, three coins carried at her waist with a string
:bulletblue: Relation to Pika-Pi:
Saiya and Pika-Pi have been friends for a couple of years now, meeting just outside Sinnoh's Lake Resort during one of her travels. The Gardevoir became quick friends with the little Pikachu, and even kept a record of her journeys and habits.

The two still meet up from time to time. Saiya likes to visit Pika-Pi and collect data on her home in Pokétte. City records, plant life, what wild Pokémon live there, and even events. Anything and everything from newspaper clippings to amateur records are welcome in Saiya's library, so everything she can get from the town is greatly appreciated.
:star:Other Info:
Saiya has a habit of teaching younger Pokémon using puppets, finding that the dolls keep their attention more easily. Because of this, she has a collection that she keeps hung on a wall in her library.

Popular choices for her puppet shows include Dragonite, Charizard, Eevee, Marill, and Plusle & Minun.
:star:Additional Notes:
Saiya is not very outspoken, and prefers to remain quiet when other Pokémon are speaking.

She doesn't battle, despite having a selection of moves seemingly built upon it. Instead, she uses these to help her gather information, such as using Hypnosis on other Pokémon to bring forth memories they didn't otherwise know they had. This is only done with their permission though.

The three coins around her waist are actually a currency of a far off nation. She claims there are only Pokémon there, and they form guilds to explore or rescue others.

:star:Battle Info:
Ability: Trace - Special ability becomes the same as that of the opponent. Switching this Pokémon out of battle restores its original ability. In a Double Battle, a random opponent’s ability will be copied.

:bulletpurple: Psychic: The target is hit by a strong telekinetic force. It may also reduce the target's Sp. Def stat.
:bulletpurple: Hypnosis: The user employs hypnotic suggestion to make the target fall into a deep sleep.
:bulletpurple: Teleport: Use it to flee from any wild Pokémon. It can also warp to the last Pokémon Center visited.
:bulletwhite: Swift: Star-shaped rays are shot at the opposing team. This attack never misses.
theaurablaze Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
ah a new face. welcome to pokette, saiya. you may refer to me as shadow. hope you have a great time here.
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